Binn Hill – Greencat Wind Turbine Development


Sometime ago, 2014, a wind farm developer saw the opportunity to develop four turbines on Binn Hill, that was considered by P&K Planners, who recommended against the development. The Planning Committee found in favour and it was granted.


That plan fell into abeyance when the firm withdrew its interest.


The application that was lying in abeyance was noted and new developers explored the possibilities and entered into agreement with the Binn Hill proprietors who also operate the Binn Eco Park with its several businesses on that site, from which there is demand for electricity and an opportunity to supply the grid with the power that the two community turbines will generate.


Due to the output of the four turbines exceeding the Feed in Tariff regulations and because there is an expectation of community benefit from such developments, the developers have made an offer to the surrounding communities to purchase two completely built functioning turbines for the duration of their anticipated performing term, under their own separate contract for Feed in Tariff.


Engaging four communities in one commercial arrangement is not necessarily straight forward and so a group of interested Glenfarg residents have worked extremely hard, tirelessly, to pull the project together, to have initial discussions with the developers and the proprietors, to obtain grants to obtain legal and financial advice, the advice has raised several topics which require consideration.


As the scheme has advanced it has been necessary to bind the communities with an agreement set out in a constitution, this constituted body can now act as a “Joint Management Team” to take the issues forward to ensure diligence is undertaken so that individuals from each community can purchase shares and additionally take a position of Director of the company that currently owns the new turbines to own and to operate the two turbines.


It is the intention to find interested private investors, it is not a role for the Community Council, nor for the Joint Management Committee, it will be a privately owned independent company, should you have an interest contact either the Chairman or Secretary of the Earn Community Council on its new website.